About Plant-Based

Plant-based living relies on fruit, vegetables and legumes as primary sources of energy and nutrition. No meat, no dairy. Unprocessed food in its whole and original form. In many ways similar to a vegan’s diet but done primarily for health benefits and quality of life benefits and not for environmental and ethical issues.

A Plant-Based Life is a synthesis of the current scientific research on nutrition   based primarily on a “Whole Grain, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet” promoted by large healthcare systems and many professionals in the field of weight loss and disease prevention.

This 101 MEALS website takes the best of plant based diets, adds in a some Mediterranean diet principles, and combines the rapidly evolving science of gastrointestinal physiology, resulting in HEALTHY, GOOD TASTING MEALS that are practical and sustainable. Meals that are not too hard to prepare at home nor too expensive.

The food on 101 MEALS consists of…

meals that taste good,
whole foods, especially vegetables and fruits
modest whole, unprocessed  grains and carbohydrates,
low glycemic value foods,
moderate healthy plant-based fat,
small amounts of seafood
no meat, no dairy

…that taste good and enable everyone to enjoy high quality healthy food.
About this website…

Edited and managed by,

J.B. McGee, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine