#013 Charred Onions, Kale & Wheat Berries

I am writing this post while eating the leftovers! One thing I knew I needed while transitioning from a carnivore to a plant-based diet is some savory and filling meals. Number 029 is the best one yet. I served with some roasted and seared Brussels sprouts just to further amp-up the umami and stave off any cravings for a steak. Essentially no red meat for 2 months now. And down 12 pounds (5.5kg).

This recipe is really easy and uses what most plant-based eaters already have on-hand.

1-2 sweet onions, cut into wedges
1 large bunch of kale, cleaned, de-stemmed and ripped into pieces
1-2 cups of cooked (al-dente) wheat berries or other chewy whole grain
1-2 hot Asian chili peppers, depending on heat, finely chopped
1 T avocado oil
1/2 lemon
salt & pepper

Heat iron skillet on high. Carefully add just enough avocado oil to cover the bottom and adjust heat to medium-high. Using long tongs, place onions flesh-side down. Let them sit. Don’t touch them. Don’t toss them. Watch for them to become black on the edges then toss a bit before adding to kale. Save the oil and remaining burnt bits for the Brussels sprouts.

Charred onion and kale with wheat berries
Sweet Onions Charring in Iron Skillet

While the onions are charring, add 2 tsp of oil to wok or similar pan on med-high along with very finely chopped peppers. Test them carefully before adding to the pan and adjust amount of seeds based on heat desired. Can substitute red pepper flakes. Add kale and let it sit until it just starts to turn brown. Add cooked wheat berries and toss until berries are soft and onions are done. Toss in the onions and lower the temp to medium adding salt and just a bit of black pepper. Squeeze 1/2 lemon and let things blend a bit before serving on to warmed plates.

Charred onion and kale with wheat berries
Kale and Wheat Berries
Charred onion and kale with wheat berries
Onions, Kale and Wheat Berries Blending and Resting

For an additional savory boost, roast Brussels sprouts, halved on a heavy-duty pan at 450 degrees. No oil or spices at this point. Once somewhat brown on the bottom (20-30 minutes) transfer to the skillet that the onions were in and toss at a high heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pair with a steak-worthy red wine like a Cabernet or full-bodied Pinot Noir.

Roasted and charred Brussel sprouts
Roasted and Seared Brussels Sprouts

OK – my lunch is done and so is this post. Enjoy for good health!

Charred onion and kale with wheat berries. Oven roasted Brussel sprouts.
Charred Onion and Kale with Wheat Berries

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