#012 Grain Bowls for Breakfast

“Grain Bowls” are a relatively new food category that probably would not even exist without social media – but, they are just so darn photogenic! Bowls of every flavor appear regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and food blogs (guilty). But before going on a whole-grain, plant-based diet I never gave them much thought. Just another hipster fad.

3 Grains Collage
Buckwheat – Steel-cut oats – Wheat berries

My mother would be rather shocked if she knew I was writing positively about “oatmeal” at breakfast. As a child, her daily cajoling was accompanied with flavorings and brown sugar to try to get us to eat oatmeal. Mom would be proud to see steel-cut oats on my breakfast table.

Steel Cut Oast, Strawberries, Blueberries
Steel-cut oats, soaked overnight

Prep could not be easier. A vegetarian friend recommended soaking the oats overnight, drain excess water and microwave for less than a minute just to warm it up. Ready to each and minimum loss of nutrients.

IMG_4031 Truth be told. I still do not care for plain oatmeal all that much. Mushy, bland, but not bad at all with some fruit and toasted hazelnuts.

For something completely new to me I tried hulled buckwheat, which come to find out does not contain wheat, so it is safe for celiac disease patients. Most important, buckwheat is a whole-grain.

Version 2
Hulled Buckwheat Groats, soaked overnight and cooked

IMG_4045 (1)I soaked the buckwheat overnight, then boiled with a tiny pinch of salt, until soft. Drained and served with berries and hazelnuts again. More flavorful than the oats, better texture too.

Hulled Buckwheat Groats, soaked overnight only

Even tried the buckwheat uncooked, just the overnight soaking. Not good. Strange texture and less flavor.

I’ve used wheat berries in all kinds of recipes. Great springy texture and nutty flavor. They have become quite popular in my house so we cook a big batch to “al dente” on the weekend and then can add to a variety of dishes.

Wheat Berries cooking
Wheat Berries, fully cooked

In the morning wheat berries are good either cold and chewy or you can heat/cook them for a softer texture. Throw in fruit and even greens for variety. Here are a few examples.

011/101 Srawberries and Wheat Berries IMG_4051Obviously there are endless variations in how you prepare and pair grain bowls at breakfast. What are some of your favorite grains and preparations? Please share your grain bowl suggestions and comments below. Enjoy for good health.


Steel-cut oats, cantaloupe, blueberries, pomegranate, crumbled hazelnuts & walnuts, drizzle of maple syrup


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