#010 Plant-Based Stir Fry

Stir-fry is a convenient way to tear through a bunch of  vegetables on a weekday night. Ingredients are vast and varied and in my house stir-fry contents are dictated by what’s in the frig that night. This time it’s king trumpet mushrooms, baby bok choy, snow peas and bean sprouts.Baby Bok Choy, King Trumpet Mushrooms

Preparation for any stir-fry is about the same, 1) preheat oil, 2) add peppers, garlic, ginger, 3) add your thicker, slower cooking veges like the trumpet mushrooms, 4) add the delicate veges like the bok choy, sprouts, 5) sprinkle some soy sauce and an acid of some sort (rice wine vinegar). Toss well and your done.

My go-to rice these days is brown basmati. It is whole-grain and cooks up nicely and doesn’t take too long despite having a hull.



  1. Use avocado oil for its high flash point, instead of olive oil
  2. Fresh peppers are always better than dry.  Taste your fresh peppers since the degree of heat can vary unpredictably. Remove seeds to drop the heat (a lot).
  3. King trumpet mushrooms can substitute for meat since they have a firm texture, but take longer to cook.
  4. Add sesame oil at the end to retain its flavor.
  5. Try tamari instead of regular soy sauce.
  6. Try different acidic liquids – sorghum vinegar, rice cooking wine, or any dry white wine.

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