#007 Whole Wheat Pasta with Green Salad

Good quality 100% whole wheat pasta tossed with garlic, red pepper flakes, parsley. Simple, quick, and delicious. Beet greens and spinach on the side.

Read your “whole wheat” pasta labels. Many advertised and labeled wheat pastas  are a combination of whole wheat and regular flour. Realize too that just because the whole wheat kernel was used to make the flour it is still processed by milling. This is obviously necessary to create at flour, and using the whole wheat kernel is preferable to just the endosperm, but it is absorbed in the gut faster than intact “whole grain” wheats like a wheat berry or farro. This means milled grains have a higher glycemic value.

Adding the greens on the side slow down carbohydrate absorption and provide yet another source of fiber and lots of vitamins. Good pairing with a heavy-carb main.IMG_3589

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