#004 Heirloom Tomatoes on Whole Grain Toast

You just can’t beat avocado toast for breakfast but this is a close second. The tomato version uses the same general technique – toast a high-quality, truly whole-grain, thick slice of bread, drizzle olive oil, layer on a thick slice of heirloom tomatoes and then sprinkle some coarse sea salt on top. You could add some herbs but this is a weekday breakfast. Two of these make for a decent start.

Heirloom Tomato on Whole Grain Toast
004/101 Heirloom Tomato on Whole-Grain Toast

PHYSIOLOGY NOTE: The whole-grain bread is absorbed in the small intestine more slowly than refined wheat or even fruit. Therefore, you have a controlled, steady supply of energy all morning without the cravings. Until lunch time.

005/101 White beans, wheat berry salad, arugula and heirloom tomato salad

Lunch consisted of leftovers and the rest of the heirloom tomato. White beans from a large batch cooked on the weekend, wheat berry salad from the night before, and pre-cleaned and prepped arugula from one of those clear boxes. It’s a bit more expensive than cleaning and cutting greens myself but this plant-based lunch was prepared in a couple minutes. The salad and beans got some olive oil, salt and pepper when it was time for lunch.

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