#003 Tofu, Yu Choy, and Mushroom Stir Fry

A trip to the local Asian market in search of plant-based diet ingredients yielded some new vegetables for me. If I’m going to stick to a plant-based diet I’ve got to make it interesting. Asian grocery stores always scared me a bit. Lots of strange ingredients with packaging that I can’t read. The sheer quantity of unfamiliar items is daunting. But life is short and there are a lot of foods to try. Also, the folks shopping at this market looked a heck of a lot healthier than the ones at the corner supermarket.

Yu choy is a mild tasting Chinese green with a large leaf and thin stalk. It doesn’t have the bitter taste that most greens do.

They make tofu in-house at my market and set it out on large sheets to self-serve from. I’m not much of a tofu fan but the fresh version they make is just a bit sweet with a perfect texture. I sautée cubes but found it didn’t add much flavor so would simply toss with the rest of the stir fry next time.

Sautée garlic  in a blend of sesame and canola oil for a couple of minutes before adding the yu choy and sliced baby bella mushrooms. Once these are soft add the Enoki mushrooms for just a minute to retains their contrasting appearance and texture. Lastly, layer the tofu on top (or arrange nicely for a picture).

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